3 tips on how to use crystals in your daily life

If you’re plugged into the world of wellness, you’ve probably heard about crystals but you’re not 100% sure how they work or how to incorporate them into your daily life. 

Like humans, animals and plants, crystals are just another form of energy. Each stone holds a unique vibration and by using them in your daily life, you can balance the energy fields around your body, home and office to bring wellbeing. 

Here are three simple ways you can incorporate crystals into your daily life

Pop them in your handbag or pocket.

This is a great way to carry the vibrations of your crystals throughout your day. Start with some go-to crystals like Rose Quartz for love and openness or Black Tourmaline for protection from the many energies we encounter everyday on public transport, at work and so on. Just having them by your side will ensure you are surrounded by positive vibrations as you go about your daily life.

Leave them on your nightstand

This is a simple way to get the energy you need while you sleep. Some soothing crystals that help promote sleep include Amethyst which is a wonderful calming and cleansing stone and also helps connect you to your intuition and subconscious - expect some vivid dreams! Selenite is also a beautiful soothing stone and its vibrations are designed to bring serenity, connect the third-eye heart and crown chakras. 

Incorporate them into your workspace

Citrine is one of the most popular stones to attract abundance and bring success in business. This is a great stone to keep beside your computer if you work at a desk, or bring with you into business meetings. Citrine also dissipates negative energies of all kinds. Another good one to include in a workplace is Tiger’s Eye which helps to promote focus, keep things flowing and focused and helps us to make confident decisions. 

At different stages of your life you’ll be drawn to certain crystals depending on what you need at that time. Have a browse through our intention kits to find out more!