Amethyst Bracelet


Healing | Cleansing | Positivity

The master stone releases stress, cleanses energy fields & aids with spiritual growth. This powerful crystal also enhances intuition & promotes physical & emotional healing. 

Amethyst emotional, spiritual & physical benefits

From a spiritual perspective, Amethyst is associated with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras and is often used to strengthen intuition, activate spiritual awareness and enhance psychic abilities. It’s a great stone to use to ‘connect within’ while meditating and also helps to calm the mind making it a wonderful stone to keep beside your bed.

Physically, this stone is often used to strengthen the immune system overall, reduce pain and also boost the endocrine system to help with hormone production. It is also said to support headaches, improve circulation and alleviate stress. 

Each bracelet is available with a signature 14 carat gold plated or stainless DÉROCHE charm, is available in round or faceted style and is packaged in the sustainable DÉROCHE pouch and biodegradable gift box with hand-tied ribbon.

Product Details
Choose from Round style 6mm or 8mm or Faceted style 7mm
Available in Small (approx. 16cm), Medium (approx. 17cm), Large (approx. 18cm)
Material: Amethyst, Brazil

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