Rose Quartz Bracelet


Rose Quartz
Love | Gratitude | Openness

The stone of unconditional love, this crystal gem has a gentle vibration and gives the wearer a stronger sense of inner peace and self-worth. Rose quartz is said to attract love in all forms, promoting a life of gratitude & happiness.

Rose Quartz emotional, spiritual & physical benefits

From a spiritual perspective, this stone is aligned to the heart chakra and is said to help to open and activate this chakra allowing for more love in one’s life. Rose quartz has powerful healing properties and brings emotional resolve where needed. 

From a physical perspective, this stone is used to heal ailments of the heart and lungs and has been known to help support in the healing of cancers associated with these organs such as breast cancer.  Great for circulation also which is one of the reasons it is used in our face rollers to encourage lymphatic drainage and reproduction of collagen. Perfect for yourself or as a gift for those you care deeply about. 

Each bracelet is available with a signature 14 carat gold plated or stainless DÉROCHE charm, is available in round or faceted style and is packaged in the sustainable DÉROCHE pouch and biodegradable gift box with hand-tied ribbon. 

Product Details
Choose from Round style 6mm or 8mm in size or Faceted style 7mm
Available in one size (approx. 17cm)
Material: Rose Quartz, Brazil

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