Rhodochrosite Bracelet


Compassion | Acceptance | Forgiveness

The stone of the compassionate heart brings true joy, heals old wounds & makes it possible to love oneself & others. This natural crystal instils the wearer with strength and independence.

Rhodochrosite emotional, spiritual & physical benefits

Rhodochrosite bracelets, like Rose Quartz are associated with the Heart Chakra and are perfect for cleansing emotional wounds and opening the heart. If you are looking to foster positivity and have a more happy outlook on life, a rhodochrosite bracelet is a must have accessory.

From a physical perspective, Rhodochrosite is very supportive for those with asthma and all other respiratory problems as it helps to purify the circulatory system and kidneys. 

Each bracelet is available with a signature 14 carat gold plated or stainless DÉROCHE charm, is available in round or faceted style and is packaged in the sustainable DÉROCHE pouch and biodegradable gift box with hand-tied ribbon.  

Product Details

Choose from Round style 6mm or 8mm in size or Faceted style 7mm
Available in One size (approx. 17cm)
Material: Rhodochrosite, Argentina

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