All You Need Is Love gift pack $99 ($130 value)

$99 $130

The DÉROCHE All You Need Is Love gift pack is sure to create a smile.

What's included:

  • Facial Roller - Our luxe hand-carved face roller that helps to stimulates collagen, supports lymphatic drainage, minimises fine lines, and reduces puffiness. Choose from;
    • Rose Quartz
    • Jade
  • A Signature DÉROCHE Bracelet - choose from;
    • Rose Quartz designed to bring love, gratitude and openness.
    • Rhodochrosite for those who need more compassion and acceptance.
    • Amethyst a master stone releases stress, cleanses energy fields & aids with spiritual growth.
  • Botanical Palo Santo bundle - choose from;
    • Rose Quartz has a gentle vibration and gives the wearer a stronger sense of inner peace and self-worth.
    • Selenite dispels negative vibes, enhances clarity & focus, bringing calm into any environment it's placed.

Both the roller and bracelet come in their own stunning DÉROCHE sustainable pouch and biodegradable gift box finished with a gorgeous hand-tied ribbon.

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