The team at DÉROCHE travelled the world to find the most sustainable supply chain whilst supporting small businesses from the UK, to Argentina, to South Africa.

Our intention is to be fully sustainable by 2022.

This hasn't been an easy process and we continue to work on this through a regimented vetting process for our suppliers. What we can do is tell you how far we've come in our journey.

Our delivery is 100% carbon neutral
DÉROCHE has partnered with Sendle to handle all deliveries. Sendle is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral delivery service and is also Australia’s first tech B Corp. Being carbon neutral means that your net release of CO2e into the atmosphere is zero.

Our packaging is recyclable 
From our fully recyclable gift boxes to our product cards and reusable pouch, our packaging is not just beautiful, it’s also conscious. 

Our gift boxes are sourced from an award-winning UK supplier and are made from 100% recycled card and paper and are recycled themselves. The boxes are made with 100% green hydroelectricity and contain recycled white non-tarnish eco-fibre filler.

Our product cards are cotton based made from recycled T-shirt offcuts. So not only do they reuse the fashion industry waste, they're also naturally white. The ink isn't biodegradable but can be recycled following a process called deinking which removes the ink from paper's fibres. 

Our beautiful pouches are handmade from recycled materials by a small family-owned business in China. Unlike other vendors who focus on one-off packaging that goes straight into the trash, our pouch is designed to be reused and carried with you as a keep safe. Not just for crystals, you can use it for jewellery and other small items.

We source ethically 
Our crystals are sourced from all over the world and our selection comes from that country of origin - e.g. Argentina for Amazonite, Brazil for Rose Quartz, India etc.  Some of the crystals are cut and polished in China due to cheaper labour costs but are done so in reputable factories.

While there is no official certification available for the industry, the DÉROCHE team regularly travels to the cutting factories to ensure the working conditions and business practices are sustainable and ethical.