'Discover Trio' - Crystal Intention Starter Kit



New to crystals? Why not try out starter pack which has three of the most popular stones designed to support you throughout your day.

Each kit comes in the stunning DÉROCHE sustainable pouch and biodegradable gift box finished with a gorgeous hand-tied ribbon. 

Clear Quartz
Clarity | Uplifting | Amplification
Second most abundant crystal in the Earth’s continental crust making it the “Universal crystal”. Being a strong energy transmitter, it amplifies the energy of other crystals.

Abundance | Confidence | Luck
Encourages you to lighten up and enjoy the journey through life. Its joie de vivre vibration helps you feel better about yourself, increasing your self-confidence and sociability.

Healing | Cleansing | Positivity
Protects from harm with its healing powers to help physical ailments, emotional issues and dissolves negativity. Strong healing and cleansing power.

Please note: All crystals are natural & will vary in size & clarity

How to use my kit:

Cleanse & Set Intention.  Crystals are connected to their environment in the same way we are as humans. Therefore, before you use your luxe intention kit, it’s best to cleanse them first. You can do this in a number of ways:

  • Run them under water, closing your eyes and imagining white light washing over them, cleansing them of all energy and resetting them  
  • Burning sage or palo santo sticks (available in health stores or online) and moving the smoke around the crystals,
  • Leaving them on a windowsill under a full moon for 24 hours to cleanse and ‘recharge’ the energy

Once cleansed, you will need to set your intention for your crystals and these will differ depending on the kit you have chosen. For example, if you have chosen the ‘Make it Rain’ kit, which is designed to attract abundance, you may have an intention like ‘I attract abundance in all areas of my life, giving and receiving with ease”. Alternatively, if you have chosen the ‘Love Me Do’ kit, a sample intention may be ‘I attract and give love easily.’

Crystals for beginners

The Discover Trio starter kit is the perfect way to dip your toes into the world of crystals and learn how to enjoy their unique benefits. This powerful combination of crystals is ideal for beginners who want to experience healing, abundance and clarity and learn the process for setting intentions.


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