Turquoise Bracelet


Turquoise Bracelet
Health | Self Expression | Protection

With its bright blue & green colour, this stone has been associated with the gods for thousands of years in many civilisations. When worn, it protects from negative energies and helps to eliminate any blockages, encouraging the free flow of chi around the body. It also helps to promote self-realisation and assists in creative problem-solving.

Turquoise emotional, spiritual & physical benefits

Supporting the Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakra, like Amethyst, Turquoise is a great ‘starter’ crystal for those beginning their journey. It balances and aligns all the chakras, stabilising mood swings and instilling inner calm.  Turquoise is particularly good for depression and exhaustion and can be used to prevent panic attacks. 

From a physical perspective, Turquoise enhances the immune system and has great anti-inflammatory and detoxifying effects. It neutralises over-acidity in the body so great for anyone with stomach problems or viral infections. Turquoise also supports issues with the lungs, soothes and clears sore throats, and heals the eyes, including cataracts.

Each bracelet is available with a signature 14 carat gold plated or stainless DÉROCHE charm, is available in round or faceted style and is packaged in the sustainable DÉROCHE pouch and biodegradable gift box with hand-tied ribbon.

Product Details

Choose from Round style 6mm or 8mm in size
Available in one size (approx. 17cm)
Material: Turquoise, Tibet

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